The Blog is Back

I have to produce an essay for my nonfiction class on Thursday, so now feels as good a time as any to return to blogging. Safe to say that Graduate School has not cured me of my terrible procrastination. In fact it seems to feed it. Between teaching, classes and just trying to get grips with a new place, I’m left too exhausted to write, the thing I’m here for.

Wyoming is…different. I’ve been here for almost two months now, but it’s such a new experience that I really don’t know what to make of it yet. It’s weird being standing at the front of the class with the authority of teacher. In my head I’m always thinking, “But I’m just Chido. Why are these students looking at me like I actually know something?” But I do know something, otherwise I wouldn’t be here.

The hardest adjustment though is being so far away from family. I’ve lived 1200 miles away from the closest family member. I can feel quite despondent when I think about that. Inevitably, I ask myself “Why am I here?” When I was in Denton, I never seemed to have a satisfying answer. An English degree didn’t quite seem reason enough to be so far away from home. I could have gotten that in Zimbabwe. But now, I ask myself why I’m here and instantly I feel better and can’t help but smile. I’m here to get an MFA in creative writing, here to experience a new part of America, here to learn my craft on someone else’s dime.

After 8 months of lollygagging, I’m back to actually working. My brain hurts from all the thinking and reading it has to do. But I have to admit, it feels great to be back in school.


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