My Wall of Inspiration

I’m having another lazy day. I’ve started three different blog posts, all which look promising, but all which require a lot more concentration than I’m willing to give at this particular moment. It was a long day at work today. I actually did some work for a change, and my brain is fried. So I’ve spent the last hour staring at my wall waiting for inspiration.

This isn’t just any old wall. It’s my wonderful wall of inspiration.

2014-04-14 21.47.02

On this wall, is many a reminder to get back to work when my mind starts to wander, like it has the last hour. The center-piece of this collection is my “Creative Process” Poster.


I am currently stuck in the yard of indolence. My brain seems to have already checked out for the summer even though I still have a whole month of work to go.

Anyway, also on the wall is my favourite T.E. Lawrence quote about the dreamers of the day, probably dearer to me because it’s AB de Villiers’ favourite quote. There is a picture of Jesus with the words “Jesus, I Trust in You.” Pretty self-explanatory that one. The nun who gave me communion lessons gave that to each one of us on the day of our first communion as our congratulatory gift.

I think of another nun when I read the quote, “The pain of discipline is miniscule compare to the pain of regret.” My high school piano teacher was a German nun in her nineties. Her motto was simple: Discipline, diligence and dedication, of which the first is the most important. That is probably the most important lesson I learnt at the Convent. Last summer, I wrote a blog post about my piano teacher, and reading it now, the part that sticks out is “The most important lesson I learnt in those piano lessons when Sr. Loyola would hit my fingers with a stick was that nothing can be achieved without discipline. Whatever you’re doing in your life, you’ll never excel if you don’t have the discipline to do the work every day.”

And that’s why I’m showing up today, stringing together a couple hundred words, putting myself through these 30 days of blogging even though all I feel like doing is watching Netflix with a pint of Half-baked. You have to show up everyday if you’re going to make progress.


PS: What do you think of the recent photo heavy posts? One of my resolutions for this challenge was to experiment with the blog and photos was something I’d never done before.


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