Spice Memories

“The headless chicken can only know where he has been. He cannot see where he is going. Do not be that chicken.”

Great words of advice from the Spice World movie, ’cause watching the Spice Girls movie is what one does when one has as much free time as I do 🙂

I was feeling all sorts of nostalgia as I was watching that movie. Remember how we would argue about which Spice Girl we wanted to be? And the platform Spice Girl shoes? The lollipops with bubble gum in the middle that came with stickers of the girls? My cousins and I used to give Spice Girls concerts in the lounge. I cringe when I think about how we sang so passionately to ‘2 become 1’ with absolutely no idea what the song was about.

I cried over many a loss listening to “Goodbye my Friend” and “Do It!” is one of my favourite motivational songs. “Wannabe” is still my go-to Karaoke song. And don’t get me started on “Spice Up Your Life”. No song gets me to the dance floor faster than that one.

Oh Spice Girls. Thanks for the memories. And the headless chicken quote.


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