Farewell Texas 1: Texas Pride

I’ve lived in Texas for the last 5 years and it saddens me to think that in a month or so I won’t be in this great state any longer. I’ve grown to love Texas and the amazing little town I’ve called home since I got here. We had some truly psycho weather yesterday: 3 hailstorms interspersed with bright sunlight and a tornado warning to boot. Yesterday reminded me of the number one thing I will NOT miss about Texas – the weather.

But then today, I stumbled on a picture that reminded me of one the most amazing thing about Texas and that’s Texas pride.

There is no one who is as proud of where they come from as Texans. You see their pride in how they talk about their state. You see it in their Texas tattoos. You see it in the long list of Texas-shaped items they own like cutting boards, waffle irons, ashtrays and even guitars.

They even managed to get me to buy a salt-and-pepper shaker holder with the Texas star.


Someone in one of my freshman classes once said to me, “I’m not saying that Texas is better than the rest of America. I’m just saying being Texan is the best way to be America.” You can’t beat that Texas pride!




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