Weekly Writing Round-up: I’m finally writing again!

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed” – Ernest Hemingway

It’s been a good week. Words have been written! I’ve managed to produce at least 500 words a day. It feels great to have words written, but really, I’m just happy to have managed to show up at my writing desk everyday

So what has brought on this change? Well, I follow Anne Lamott on Twitter and lately she’s been writing a lot about shitty first drafts and how difficult it is to get them out. Now if an excellent, established writer like Anne Lamott struggles with every first draft, who am I to expect things to be easy?

What I’ve Been Working On

  • I published a blog post: Joy in Translation
  • I’m finally working on finishing a short story that I started last June but abandoned because I need to brush up on my knowledge of the 2nd Chimurenga.
  • I’m revising an essay on kurova guva that I will be submitting soon to journals

Writing Lesson of the Week

Favorite links this Week

Write on Chido! Write on!


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