We Rise Again

I had a terrible week last week. I got a bad cold that should have kept me in bed, but I had so much going on that I just had to push through. I had a mini panic episode because the reality of what exactly it means to take 6 classes (including an honors thesis) in one semester started to hit me. I really could turn this blog post into a long moan about all the things I have to do, but I’m not going to. I may have been down last week, but this week I rise again.

Lovely Lira! I love this lady so much. When you watch her perform, you can tell that this woman just loves her job to absolute bits. I want that. I want to be that in love with what I do. Lira was actually an accountant for a little while before she decided to ditch the safe route and follow her passion. And she made it because of hard work and perseverance. She made it because even when life knocked her down, she rose again.

Today, I’m choosing to take heart in Lira’s story. She’s an intelligent woman and I have a feeling that just like me, people always told her that smart people get jobs as doctors, lawyers and accountants, not singers or writers. Can you imagine the day she sent in her resignation letter? They must have all thought she was crazy. I bet those neighbors were whispering that she would be back begging for her job in 6 months. But she never looked back and she never would have become a successful singer if she had not taken a chance.

If I have learnt anything this year it’s that there will always be people who think your dreams are crazy and unrealistic. Very often the voice telling you it can’t be done is your very own. But at some point you have to let go of those voices and do what you really want to do. Every one of us is going to have regrets at the end of our lives. I’m choosing to minimize those regrets. Following my dreams may turn out to be the wrong decision, but even if I fail, I will rise again.


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