My Favorite Links This Week

Creative Bad Habits: Treading the Path of Least Resistance

The psychologist Tom Ward points out that when we think about anything, we follow the path of least resistance. Without realizing it, we instantly and automatically categorize every situation we see based on our previous experience. So, despite our best efforts to do something bold and new, our memory drives us back to things tried and true. Our efforts at creativity are thwarted before they get on track.

Filthy Lucre

“Not talking about money is a tool of class war. A culture that forbids employees from comparing salaries helps companies pay women and minorities less.”

Returning Home

However, not everyone is convinced that the return of Nigerians abroad is a positive thing. In a sarcastic article in African Arguments earlier this year, an anonymous writer argued that the return of repats often benefitted no one but the repats themselves.

“So we are starting to return and to reclaim our proper place – at the top of the pile. A place we have always occupied anyway. We have always been the elite,” the author wrote. “Yes, Africa is rising but let’s not kid ourselves that everyone, indeed that most Africans, are able to ride this rising wave.

To Be Black Means To Be Doubted

In corporate South Africa, as a black person, before your presence is acknowledged, you have to prove that you are good enough. Black people are presumed inept until proven otherwise.


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