There is no time to waste

A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend a conference in College Station, TX. Seeing as there is nothing to see in that tiny own, except for Texas A&M University, we ended up visiting the campus on one of the evenings. The place is pretty big, so we just visited the Bonfire Memorial. Texas A&M used to have a huge bonfire every year which students helped construct. However, in 1999, the stack of logs under construction collapsed, leaving 12 students dead and 27 injured. To remember the fallen students, they created a memorial in the place they used to build the bonfire.

It was sad walking around the structure. There is a portal for each student facing the direction of their hometown. On the inside of each portal, there is the face and class year of the student. Opposite it are the words of the student or those of their family and friends sharing how special a person they were.

It was eerily quiet there, so quiet that you could almost hear the sound of the grains of sand rushing through the hourglass as we each speed our way towards our dying day. All the while I was there, I was thinking “I haven’t done enough with my life.” Most of these students were younger than I am today. They went out to help build the bonfire, relishing college life, and they never got to go home.

One of the students was a poet, and on the wall of his portal was one of his poems. I jotted down the last stanza of the poem, not that I needed to. I keep hearing the words in my head.

“Take hold of the world and go for a ride

‘Cause not all men live but everyone dies.” ~¬†Lucas John Kimmel

I keep putting things off, making excuses and not pursuing my dreams because I’m scared I’ll fail. I tell myself I’ll do it tomorrow hoping to somehow find some courage soon, but there is no guarantee of tomorrow. There is no guarantee that I will get the chance to do it another day.

Today really could be the last day of your life. There is no better time to start actively creating the life you want than today. Forget your fears and dive into life because there really is no time to waste.


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